What My Week Really Looked Like

For those that don’t know my personal story, click here to read it. I just recently rewrote it! Yes, the page needs to be made prettier graphically but it’s better done than perfect 🙂

Anyway, I am a single mom (have been for 2 years now) and I have my 10-year-old son full-time. This comes with its challenges since I have less time to work but need to make more money now that I live one income!

Ok, now that I’ve given you a bit of background, let’s move on…

My current focus in my business in my training program for moms that want to work from home. I could spend ALL day working on it! I help them do this by becoming a Virtual Assistant (how I started my biz).

But on the other side, I do have a couple of business management clients. I only have 2 to 3 of these at a time because of the level of work I do. To serve them at my best, it’s necessary to limit how many I work with. And I just love these clients! So much of the work involves strategy which I am very good at! I do other things too but strategy is the biggest piece.

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.
~Tony Robbins

Here’s a look at what was happening behind the scenes this week…

I’m doing a bit of extra work this week for a client because I had to fire a VA I JUST hired 2 weeks ago. Bummer when it doesn’t work out 🙁 This also means I am going through my hiring process again. For the record, when I hire, 9 out of 10 hires are great.

I worked late Tuesday night, until about 7 pm which I RARELY do but I had an interview to write for a blog that I didn’t get to that morning and a podcast interview at 6:30 pm. This means my son had corn dogs zapped in the microwave and sun chips for dinner. But after I was done with the interview at 7 pm, we watched one of our favorite TV shows together and talked about our day.

Yesterday, my lunch was turkey sticks and Frosted Mini-Wheats because I only had a short time between 2 meetings. The first one went long and I didn’t have time to cook food before the next. I keep meetings to two days a week (normally) so that the other days I can really focus. And I no longer have meetings on Monday’s. I used to but have found it hurt my productivity and starts the week off on a note I don’t like.

This morning was Muffins with Mom with school so I did that with my son. And I JUST found out that Saturday is the first soccer practice (he only got signed up this week) so it looks like we have to make a trip into town (25 miles away) after school to buy soccer shoes. I’m just glad that my business gives me that flexibility. One thing I have done to allow for unexpected things like this is making sure I don’t have meetings once school is out except on a rare occasion. This way if stuff comes up my son needs I don’t have to worry about rescheduling client meetings or missing out on doing something for him. I didn’t always run my business this way, it’s something I have learned over time.

What’s the point?

What I want you to understand by me sharing what has really happened this week, is that things change and you need to have some flexibility in your business (or life) for that. I do have a daily structure and have things planned out but let’s face it, unexpected things will come up.

We need to have some flexibility so we don’t drive ourselves crazy!

Even with these unexpected things I have still gotten done what was needed for this week. I have also learned there is ALWAYS going to be something I can work on but the world will keep spinning if that thing has to wait another day to get done.

If you need more tips, I love posting about different tips and resources that I find helpful. Come over and like my Facebook page! I try to post something helpful multiple times a week, and other times, we just have fun. And I think everyone needs a little fun sprinkled into their lives!