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Let me guess….you’re a mompreneur who DREAMS of having an online empire, but you have no idea what the next step is to make that happen?

Yeah, I was once there too.

Whether you’re already running an online business and (kinda) feel you are losing your mind trying to crack that “magic code” on how to grow…

Or seeking to create your own virtual assistant empire…

I can help.

I’m Sara Lingenfelter, CEO of Virtual Biz Partner,
business mentor and systems guru.

In short: I work with mom entrepreneurs that desperately want to start or grow their online empire and/or build their virtual assistant business, without losing their minds (or precious family time).

If you can’t imagine another early morning commute into work while also missing out on another school party for their kid because their boss wouldn’t let them off work, you’re in the right place. ( I mean, we all want more meetings, right 😉 )

I’ve been on the inside of numerous successful online businesses and I know what works, what doesn’t and how you can reach your goals, without losing yourself in the process.

I love giving examples, so here are some very specific ways I can help you:

Getting your ideas out of your head and into reality. Whether you’re ready to start your online empire or create your Virtual Assistant business, I can help you take all the information and to do’s bouncing around in your head and turn them into a realistic action plan. No more overwhelm from information overload or wasting money on yet another DIY course. You have the clarity and focus needed for the next steps you need NOW and how to do it with grace.

Creating a strategic plan to grow. Whether you’re ready to grow your online empire or your Virtual Assistant business, I can help you create the strategic plan to reach the next level as well as how to implement it all. This can include the planning, what roles you need on your team, training your existing team, technology to use, basically all the things in the right place to accomplish your BIG goals. Now that we’ve cracked the magic code on how to grow, you can rest easy knowing more money is flowing into your business which means more freedom for your family!

Spiffing up your systems. Whether you need some serious systems for your online empire or need some basic systems for your Virtual Assistant business, I can help you identify what systems you need, how to create them, and how to delegate (if needed) so these systems are working to make the business run smoothly. You’ll now have that extra time you’ve been craving! You can read that new book, take the kids to a movie (during the day) or spend the afternoon at the spa 🙂

Does This Sound Like You?

 My Story 

True story: I never, ever ever had plans to be an entrepreneur…but I had always dreamed of making a difference in other people’s lives and having “more,” even though I didn’t know what that was!

After a wide variety of jobs starting at age 17, doing everything from working in a dog collar factory to bookkeeping (with zero experience I might add!), I decided to take the test to work for the State Probation and Parole Department. (I’d studied Criminal Justice in College, so this had always been my plan!)

One day, I received letters from the state to interview for positions in Probation and Parole and I had 7 days to reply, yes or no. If I didn’t reply I would forever be banned from this job and this was always my goal.

You see, I was currently working from home as a bookkeeper and telecommuted to the office one day a week. I’d been doing this for a few years now. And my son had always been home with me except for that one day I went into the office.

When I received that notice,  I quickly realized I didn’t want to spend my life working 50+ hours a week–not to mention hours a week commuting–and on a computer 90% of the time. Little actual time on the job would be helping offenders to make a new life for themselves.

After a bit of soul-searching, that thing I thought I always wanted changed.
Being home with my then 2-year-old son meant so much more.
I was not willing to be apart from my 2-year-old son for 50+ hours a week
and have my life dictated by someone else!

Deep down, I knew there must be work I could do from home that helped others and didn’t limit my potential, but also gave me the time I so desperately wanted to keep for my family.

While I continued in my position as a bookkeeper, I discovered the world of Virtual Assistance and I was hooked. I consumed all the information I possibly could and found out I had a real passion for online business, systems, and technology.

Once I realized this could be a business, within just six months, my business was fully booked and I retired my bookkeeping hat.

Since then, I went from being a Virtual Assistant to become a Certified Online Business Manager, and now a business mentor and systems guru where I help busy mom entrepreneurs start and grow their online empires and teach other Virtual Assistant’s how to grow their own online businesses.

Today I bring my plethora of skills to my clients. As your partner, I can help you create the right combination of strategy, systems, and technology so you have the foundation you need for your online empire and can grow without going crazy.

(And trust me, if a mom in small rural town Missouri, with no formal business education or entrepreneurial background can do it, so can you!)

Sign off,

Sara Lingenfelter wants to live in a world where moms entrepreneurs can follow their dream of building an online empire while also having time and flexibility for their family.

As the CEO of Virtual Biz Partner she’s been featured in numerous mom outlets such as, Party Plan Magazine, Female Entrepreneur Association, The Work at Home Woman, The Boss Hat and Boss Babe just to name a few. Sara has a proven track record of managing and growing businesses while simplifying strategies, systems, and technology.

When she’s not supporting mom entrepreneurs you can find her spending time with her young son, watching movies, enjoying the outdoors and probably eating some chocolate or other tasty food!  

Her latest project will go live April 2nd, 2018.

Here are 10 fun facts about me:

I have NEVER been able to whistle, and I sure have tried!

I’ve had my motorcycle license since 18 years old. I sold my bike a while back (ya know grown-up life and not practical with a kid) but one day I’d love to have one.

I’ve been to about 10 different countries with one of my business mentors, Natalie MacNeil. She used to have some awesome retreats, still has amazing events just now in the US!

I went skydiving when I was 21. (I have the video and it’s hilarious!) After landing my mom yells, “Can you walk?” (You’ll know why she asked if you know how you land.) But yes mom, I did not break my legs and can walk. thanks for the concern.  😉

I love Wonder Woman and my Wonder Woman PJ’s are my fav.

I love food, making new recipes and trying foods like escargot and alligator (but usually just once)!

I have a thing for lightning bolts. I  have no reason why–I just do! And I just love my diamond lightning bolt earrings!

 Chocolate everything is my friend, but in moderation (sometimes).

 I’m not what I consider a health nut BUT if you come to me sick I will probably make you drink something strange or use a “magic” salve. I have all kinds of fun cures. 

 I’ve lived in Missouri my whole life and I’m a total Midwestern girl. I smile at strangers, hold doors open for people and love a good bonfire with friends. Oh, and I also managed to build a thriving business from home while raising my son. 🙂