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“Sara has been instrumental in building my business and organizing my staff to a point where some things have finally been taken off my to do list — something that has never happened successfully before. I can finally concentrate on what I am good at because I know she’s got my back on all the other stuff!”

Karen Rauch Carter/ Best-Selling Author,
Feng Shui Consultant & Healthy-Lifestyle Designer
“Before working with Sara, I was confused about what to do when, and was wasting so much time trying to do things I didn’t know how to do, or was not proficient at. She not only facilitated what I was not good at, she gave me protocols for things I didn’t even realize I needed. Working with Sara enabled me to devote my time to what I am good at, and help more people! I highly recommend working with her. You’ll be glad you did!”

Hellen M. Collins / MSW, CLC,
Intuitive Coach & Energy Worker
“It was a pleasure to work with Sara as she assisted me in creating my website. She is professional and excellent about sticking to deadlines and being punctual for appointments. Sara collaborated with me and offered many great suggestions. She was very patient in helping me create my vision just as I wanted. I highly recommend working with Sara to help you with your business needs.”

Nina Chaifetz / Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified Holistic Health Counselor
"Sara started working with me during my challenging transition to Infusionsoft and it was great to have someone to count on and hold my hand during the process. I felt as though she was truly a part of my team. Applying systems to my business was another area I had wanted to work on. Sara identified what I needed, helped me to make it possible and ensured it was a smooth process. She helped me with the automation of my business and trained my team to be at the level of the new need of my company. What I loved most about working with Sara was her communication. She always managed my expectations and was responsive to emails and communication. She’s in the US and I am in Spain so the communication was very important! I would highly recommend Sara and her team. She is professional, focused, and offers solutions without any added drama! She works in an efficient and effective way that produces results. She is awesome!"

Laura Ribas / Marketing and Sales Expert