Hello, amazing new team member! If you are seeing this page, it’s because you are new to the team and I want you in the loop of how we can best work together. I have a short video I’d love for you to watch and then read the rest of this page so you know exactly what to expect. Before I jump into listing out the specifics of how we work together, I want to point out a very important document. You can click here to view the team communication plan. I also have some of this information listed on this page but this document is how we need to communicate. I would rather you overcommunicate with me then leave me wondering what the status of a task is.

(video coming soon)

Business Hours, Holidays and Vacation:

My standard working hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. 

Friday is often a 1/2 day and my working hours change.

I do not work on weekdays after 5 pm or on weekends. I also do not respond to emails during this time.

Holidays – I celebrate most national holidays such as 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. and will not work on those days. If I am ever off for an extended time during a holiday I will let you know in advance the dates.

Vacations – I schedule these in advance and if it happens while we work together you will be notified of the dates. If you plan on taking more than a day off for holidays or have a vacation planned, let me know the dates as soon as possible so I can have your duties covered while gone.


I have the most availability on Thursday or Friday. But I do have times I work on biz items throughout the week. I only check email 2 to 3 times a day. Slack is the best way to reach me with quick questions but if it’s task-related use Asana.

Communication and Email:

I check emails 3x a day. Why do I do this? Most of the work I do is strategic and requires a high level of focus. The best way to support you is by shutting out all distractions and this includes constantly checking email:)

How to contact me? Communicate with me by Asana if it’s task specific. If not, feel free to email, but if it’s not urgent, I typically respond within 24 business hours. I keep my emails brief. You can email me at

I do not communicate by text message. Nor do I work via any other messaging system like Facebook messenger, Skype, or any other messenger platform. It’s too hard to track communication. I also have social media notifications shut off so I won’t see them unless I actually log in.

Document sharing – If you have a Google Doc to share with me, I prefer you do not share it but rather create it in my master shared folder. This way I always have access and am not waiting due to your schedule. Also, once you create a document on my drive, make me the owner.

If you are someone that loves text messaging, I will NOT respond to texts unless a true emergency. We have a Slack channel for quick updates, questions, etc. If you are new to Slack, it is similar to texting except keeps the history and it’s only for business so easy to keep separate from personal texts. I do have Slack to notify me only during my working hours. If you message me outside those times, I will receive the message the next time I log in. I also do not respond immediately nor do I expect you too. Please give me time to respond before following up via other methods.



Monday and Wednesday are my meeting days and this is due to the fact that meetings and interruptions cut down on my productivity.

I keep weekly team meetings to 60 min in order to keep us focused and on track.

To be honest, a high % of meetings are a time waste but they can be made better. Read this article here to learn more about why I say this. If you really feel it’s urgent we have an extra meeting, in addition to the regularly scheduled one, you can email me and we can figure it out. I will leave you with this thought on meetings: Psychology Today likens the phenomenon of time wasted in too-long meetings to a variation of Parkinson’s Law — meetings will expand to fill the time available. 

New Projects and Status Updates:

What do I do with ideas, new projects or changes to current ones? Since I plan my week ahead, I will know at all times what I am working on. But in business things can and will change – if you have an idea, an edit, or an entirely new project, please be sure to add it to our weekly meeting agenda. If the change is urgent and for a current project, comment in Asana on the appropriate task.

Can I assign you same day tasks? I do not do same day tasks, meaning if you email me or set up a task to be done the same day, it won’t happen (except in rare situations of a launch or similar event). My goal is for my business to be running in a proactive state, not reactive. If I allow last minute tasks, I am not doing what is best for the health of my business or sanity LOL.

What is the expected turn around time for tasks and projects? I put into Asana all tasks and projects I am currently working on. Click on my name to see all that is assigned to me, and you can then see the due date for each item. You can also do the same for what is assigned to you or another team member along with due dates. We will often discuss this in our weekly meeting.

Do you want regular status updates on major projects? Yes, I would like a weekly update each Friday. I want to know major tasks completed, anything still open, and if you have questions or things you are waiting on from me.

If you are not sure how to use Asana to view what team members have completed, click here (still need to add) for a short tutorial showing you how.


Still have questions?

Shoot me an email and I will get back to you. It’s really important we are both on the same page and know what to expect when working together. Once we get started, I realize from time to time questions will come up between our set meeting times.