Hello, amazing client! If you are seeing this page, it’s because I want you in the loop of how I can do my best work with you. I have a short video I’d love for you to watch and then read the rest of this page so you know exactly what to expect.

Business Hours, Holidays and Vacation:

Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm CST.

Holidays – I celebrate most national holidays such as 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. and will not work on those days. If I am ever off for an extended time during a holiday you know the dates in advance.

Vacations – I schedule these in advance and you will be notified of the dates if it falls during a time we are working together.


I schedule my week in advance so I cannot take on last minute requests. Once we start working together and I schedule your projects according to my open times, I will communicate with you when you can expect the project to be completed. For large ongoing projects, I will provide status updates as specified in my contract.

Communication and Email:

I check emails 3x a day. Most of the work I do is strategic and requires a high level of focus. The best way to support you is by shutting out all distractions, this includes constantly checking and responding to email:)

How to contact me? Communicate with me by Asana if it’s task specific. If not, feel free to email, but if it’s not urgent, I typically respond within 24 business hours. I keep my emails brief. You can email me at

I do not communicate by text message. Nor do I work via any other messaging system like Facebook messenger, Skype, or any other similar platform. It’s too hard to track communication. 

Document sharing – If you have a Google Doc to share with me, I prefer you do not share it but rather create it in your master shared folder. But if you have to share an individual doc use

If you are someone that loves text messaging, I have a Slack channel which I am happy to add you to. This is great for truly urgent issues or brief check-ins. It is similar to texting except keeps the history and it’s only for business so easy to keep separate from personal texts. I do have Slack to notify me only during my working hours. If you message me outside those times, I will receive the message the next time I log in.



Monday’s and Wednesday’s are my meeting days. By having designated blocks for meetings, I can deliver to you my highest quality of work.

I keep weekly client meetings to 60 minutes or less in order to keep us focused and on track.

To be honest, a high % of meetings are a time waste but they can be made better. Read this article here to learn more about why I say this. If you really feel it’s urgent we have an extra meeting, in addition to the regularly scheduled one, you can email me and we can figure it out. I will leave you with this thought on meetings: Psychology Today likens the phenomenon of time wasted in too-long meetings to a variation of Parkinson’s Law — meetings will expand to fill the time available. 

New Projects and Status Updates:

What do I do with ideas, new projects or changes to current ones? Since I plan my week ahead, I will know at all times what I am working on. But in business things can and will change – if you have an idea, an edit, or an entirely new project, please be sure to add it to our weekly meeting agenda. If the change is urgent and for a current project, comment in Asana on the appropriate task.

Can I assign you same day tasks? I do not do same day tasks, meaning if you email me or set up a task to be done the same day, it won’t happen (except in rare situations of a launch or similar event). My goal is for your business to be running in a proactive state, not reactive. If I allow last minute tasks, I am not doing what is best for the health of the business.

What is your turn around time for tasks and projects? I put into Asana all tasks and projects I am currently working on. Click on my name to see all that is assigned to me, and you can then see the due date for each item.

Can I get regular status updates or major projects? I realize at times you may want to know the status of projects that I am working on and looking in Asana may not always make sense to you. If you want a weekly update, please request this and I will add this to my list of to do’s to send you one on either Thursday or Friday. I will let you know the major tasks completed, any major tasks open, and any questions I might have. If you need additional information, there are various reports you can run in Asana to show you each and every task that has been commented on, updated, or completed.

If you are not sure how to use Asana to view what team members have completed, click here for a short tutorial showing you how. And I realize not everyone uses Asana, if you use a different project management system then that is fine. I do find the majority of my clients (and I have worked with quite a few) use Asana but I use whatever project management system works best for you.


Still have questions?

Shoot me an email and I will get back to you. It’s really important we are both on the same page and know what to expect when working together. Once we get started, I realize from time to time questions will come up between our set meeting times. If you have a quick question, I am happy to answer it by email. If we are using Slack for your team communication, remember that pinging me there is great too.