Brainstorming and Why Two Minds Are Better Than One

As a business owner, do you ever feel stuck in your business? We often get so many ideas we don’t know which direction to go. Maybe it’s a new program idea you have but you’re not sure how to move forward. Or your business has stopped growing but you don’t know what changes you need to make. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas off someone else can move you past this block. Getting another person’s input can give us ideas and a perspective we otherwise would not have had.

This quote sums it up nicely:

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Following Items Are Discussed In This Audio Blog

  • Advice for finding someone to brainstorm with
  • Why brainstorming with someone is helpful and important
  • How to make your brainstorming session productive
  • Why you should only focus on one thing to brainstorm at a time
  • The difference between just talking about an idea and actual brainstorming
  • What you need to do to take the ideas from your brainstorming session and implement them

Top Takeaways From This :

  1. Focus on one goal or idea at a time
  2. Choose someone to brainstorm with that is further along then you are in business
  3. Don’t forget the details
  4. Create the plan to reach the goal

Action Steps To Implement:

  • Write down one thing you would currently like to accomplish in your business and look for someone to brainstorm with this week!


Helpful Links:

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