Interact Is An Amazing Quiz Creation Software

Having an online business, I am all about technology that makes running my business easier! And because I also love technology I am always trying new things out in my business. Within reason of course. If I tried every new type of technology out there that might help my business, I’d never get anything done.

Because I do try out different types of technology (which I sometimes call tools), I love to share with you when something works great for me knowing it might also help you in your business.

While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters.
~Muhammad Yunus

Online Quizzes – We See Them Everywhere!

At one time or another most of you have either taken or seen an online quiz. When I was having my new website built a couple years ago my mentor suggested I create a quiz for my optin, so I did. My quiz was for online business owners to identify what level they were currently at in their business and who they need on their team to support them. Then I also gave action steps they could take to reach the next level in business. This was great for those taking the quiz because they learned how to hire, who not to hire, and how to grow. It was also good for me because then I knew who needed what type of support. It was a win-win.

It’s not important what quiz platform I was using at the time, but it had its limitations. I did use for quite some time it but was never 100% happy. It also wasn’t very user-friendly so I never set up any more quizzes and felt I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I then spent quite a bit of time researching and trying to find a different solution for hosting my quiz. I finally found another quiz software, paid for it then never took the time to completely set up my quiz along with all the integration piece. It wasn’t very user-friendly and I became frustrated. Then many months later I returned to finish setting up my quiz only to find they did away with the existing plugin and I could but their new one. My frustration grew, paying again! But they did give me a discount code so I bought it and set up my quiz. Once again I was limited with the integration options and what was possible. I use Infusionsoft and I wanted certain things to happen but what I wanted and what made sense, was not possible with this quiz plugin.

How Many Times Did I Set Up This Same Quiz?

For anyone keeping track, I have no idea how many times I set up this same quiz. Yeah, I know you are probably as confused as I am. I can’t even remember which platform was last integrated and delivering my optin by pushing info through to Infusionsoft. I know, that’s terrible!

Then one day a lovely email lands in my inbox from a company called Interact. And it was an email about a quiz creation software. They were looking for partners to use their quiz software and tell people about it. I looked their site over and had a call with someone and from what I could tell it sounded like the solution I had been searching for. I decided to give it a try!

I am happy to report, I have now redone my quiz, set it up using Interact and it integrates easily with Infusionsoft so it’s now on my website working wonderfully. This was the first time, in all the quizzes I did (meaning the many times attempting to set mine up then rarely do anything further) that I found it VERY easy to use, easy to edit, and easy to integrate. There are even quiz templates created you can use or start with and customize. Interact is also all about feedback and making changes to improve the software. If you are looking for a new software to create your quizzes with, I highly suggest you check out Interact. Oh, and a bonus? You can also use their software to create giveaways and polls!

Want To Use A Quiz But Need Ideas?

Here are 5 ideas on how you can use quizzes in your business:

  • As your website main optin – do like I did and create a quiz that relates to your business.
  • Just for fun – maybe you want to increase engagement with your email list or to celebrate a holiday, you can put together a fun and short quiz.
  • To solve a problem – maybe you are offering a new service and want to see which category people on your list fall into with your new service. The quiz can provide a solution to a problem they have that relates to your new service.
  • To segment your list – depending on what you use for your email marketing, you can create a quiz then have people put into different result categories. You can then segment your list based on those category results. this can also be useful for research purposed!
  • To increase social media engagement – create a how well do you know my business quiz and ask people to share. You can incorporate a prize to up the engagement. There are many ways you could do this one.

Get creative when thinking of ideas but make sure it makes sense in your business! There are so many ways you can use quizzes and now that I have found an easy way to create them and integrate with my other software I use, I can’t wait to do more! I’d love t hear from you on how you use quizzes in your business?

Click here to learn more about using Interact in your business.

*Disclaimer – I am a partner and affiliate with Interact. But I only recommend products or programs that I use myself and feel will help others.