Biz Basics

Over 100 things every business needs to do to succeed online!

The workbook not only provides a checklist for each section so you are clear on your action items, but also helpful resources for each section.

This 35 page workbook provides a checklist for the following areas of business:

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Investment is $49

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You’re creative, a visionary and you make things happen…

Your business is growing, there are new opportunities, but that’s all on the surface. Behind the scenes, you’re feeling stuck, things are unorganized and quite frankly, a hot mess.

You want to continue growing, but with how things are running in your biz right now, you just don’t see how that can actually happen.

Here are a few signs that you’re experiencing growing pains and may need Save Our Sanity:

Do you find yourself frequently wishing you could get quick feedback on an idea?

Are you often feeling stuck and need a loving push or insight from someone that gets it?

Do you feel like you are always reinventing the wheel and that there must be a better way of doing things in your business?

And let’s not even talk about the state of your email or Google Drive. (Scary!)

If you’re nodding along and saying “yes” under your breath, it’s time for Save Our Sanity! You don’t have to keep doing it alone. Think how amazing it would feel to know you have me in your back pocket!

What is Biz Basics?

Monthly support when you need it –
you pay month to month and can cancel at any time!

You get the expertise of an online business manager –
without the big price tag so it’s perfect for those new and growing businesses.

Direct answers to your specific needs –
this means I won’t give you long, fluffy and complicated advice or feedback.
To the point advice so you can implement and get results!

*Space is limited to 5 spots for each level so that I can give you the attention you deserve!

Save Our Sanity Level 1 Includes:

Private Slack Channel: This is private for just you and I and you can ask me anything! Have a question? Need feedback on an idea? Having problems with your team? Do you need to hire and want recommendations? Maybe you need to switch online calendars and want my advice? Or maybe you need help setting some boundaries but struggle with how to do so? I hope you get the idea, you can get support on whatever you are dealing with in the moment!

Monthly Office Hours: This is a monthly 60 min live call where you can speak with me, ask me to review a process, discuss an upcoming launch. This is for those things we may need to discuss so I can give quality advice. Or if you can’t join send in your question and you can hear my answer on the recording.

Monthly Process Template: I have a library of processes that I add to on a regular basis and I let you pick a new one each month! I keep a running list of all my processes and you pick whichever you want. You can then customize it for your business. Some examples are my team communication plan, connection on social media process, team on-boarding process, and many more! Remember – I am always creating new ones and you are welcome to submit requests for me to create specific ones.

This 35-page workbook provides a checklist for the following areas of business:


Monthly 1-1 60 Minute Zoom Video Call: This call can be used for whatever you want! I can help you plan your next launch, help you create a strategy for something specific, help you with delegating to your team and more. It’s whatever you need support on! It is also recorded so you can refer back to it as needed.

Add Your VA to Our Private Slack Channel: This is a huge value for those business owners that have a virtual assistant they work with. Many times your VA may have questions you can’t answer, need to learn a new skill, or need something quickly reviewed to make sure they are doing it right and I can help them with all this! It takes the responsibility off of you of having to figure it out. I love to use Jing to do short screenshare videos for feedback or to answer a question and will many times do this for VA’s.

Join by January 5th and receive the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Access to my freelancer directory (value of $197)

Bonus #2 – Access to my online video training library (value of $997+)

These bonuses are only available for a limited time. Currently, the only way someone can receive the above items are by working with me 1-1 and that starts at $1,500 and up monthly)! 

Every Business Is Unique

Because every business is unique you need a solution specific to you. Save Our Sanity is not a rigid approach where I give you off-the-shelf advice based on what I like best. I listen to exactly what you need and how you work best to figure out what’s best for you and your business.

In my 5+ years working with well over 100 clients, I have learned that many business owners need strategic support when they need it! You move fast and don’t have time to wait days (or even weeks) for a quick answer. And you also don’t need an Online Business Manager yet (along with the big price tag).

You get ongoing monthly support when you need it and it doesn’t break the bank for your growing empire!

Investment for Biz Basics is $97.

Praise From a Recent Client


Sara is an Online Business Strategist and the founder of Virtual Biz Partner. She teams up with empire building online business owners to help take their business to the next level and set a strategy for lasting growth. With 5 years experience in this role, plus 10 years as a bookkeeper, Sara has a proven track record of managing and growing businesses while simplifying strategies, systems and technology.

Based in small town Missouri, Sara is a mom to an amazing son (that ironically loves strategy too)! In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, time with family and just slowing down and enjoying life.