1) How long have you been in business (your current biz)?

2) What is your current annual revenue?

3) Do you currently have a business strategy in place for the current year? What I mean is do you have goals for the current year and have them broken down into achievable action items?

4) What is the current size of your team?

5) Do you currently have a bookkeeper or someone that tracks monthly expenses, reconciles your accounts, and runs financial reports (and does this every month)

6) Do you have any business systems in place? Such as money systems, marketing or sales systems for example.

7) Do you provide services in your business where you trade time for money or do you have group programs or products in addition to or in place of service work?

8) Do you have your ideal client clearly defined?

9) Have you ever worked with a business coach or been in a mastermind?

10) Do you currently have a website for your business?

11) What are your currently feelings towards your business?

12) Are you able to stay focused easily or are you all over the place?

13) Have you worked with a Virtual Assistant before on an ongoing or long term basis?

14) How are you with the timing of to do items in your business. What I mean is do you get things done on time or are you rushing around last minute to complete things?

15) Do you have your boundaries clearly defined?