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Barry Friedman is a corporate entertainer with more than 30 years as one of the most sought-after corporate entertainers in the world. He had the vision of running a high-end, group coaching program for entertainers when he came to Sara and Virtual Biz Partner. “I was confident that with my experience, I knew a thing or two about how to book a good act in the corporate meeting industry for top dollar.”

Solution: Strategy + Online Business Management

Sara jumped into Barry’s business about month before the launch of the first program, instantly identifying where strategy and execution was needed for a successful launch. Barry explains, “Sara took over every aspect of the business that wasn’t my genius or pleasure. Customer service, handling the live webinars, merchant account setup, spreadsheets, workflows, and website organization that I still don’t understand.”

Results: Six Sold Out Launches

Since that time, Sara has helped Barry launch and sell out six more ShowBiz Blueprint programs. “Sara has been the kingpin in keeping it together. The truth is that Sara helped me take an idea, handed me the parts of it required my attention, and then took care of everything else. This chapter of my career would have been a nightmare without Sara. With her, it’s been a dream. Do what you need to do to get her on your team.”

Karen Rauch Carter
Best-Selling Author,
Feng Shui Consultant &
Healthy-Lifestyle Designer

“Sara has been instrumental in building my business and organizing my staff to a point where some things have finally been taken off my to do list — something that has never happened successfully before. I can finally concentrate on what I am good at because I know she’s got my back on all the other stuff!”

Hellen M. Collins
Intuitive Coach &
Energy Worker

“Before working with Sara, I was confused about what to do when, and was wasting so much time trying to do things I didn’t know how to do, or was not proficient at. When I got on board with her, it’s hard to describe how much easier my life became. She not only facilitated what I was not good at, she gave me protocols for things I didn’t even realize I needed until I had them. Working with Sara enabled me to devote my time to what I am good at, and help more people! Sara combines intuition with excellent technical skills. She’s the complete package! I highly recommend working with her. You’ll be glad you did!”

Jennifer Lee
Founder of
Artizen Coaching and author of
The Right-Brain Business Plan

“I hired Sara to help me improve my overall infrastructure. I was impressed by how quickly Sara picked up the ins and outs of my business, which has lots of moving pieces. With Sara’s insights and expertise we implemented very specific solutions to help me learn more about my existing community’s needs and target them more effectively through strategic engagement and automation. She’s opened my eyes to some exciting ways we can better leverage Infusionsoft and I feel empowered to try some of it out on my own now. On top of that, Sara is warm and personable and truly cares about her clients and their businesses. ”

Isiah McKimmie

“Sara has been completely amazing. She immediately understood where I was at and made space for me as soon as she could. She talked me through possible solutions clearly explaining the pros and cons of each. Together, we were able to come up with a plan that literally saved me thousands of dollars and completely put my mind at ease. She has been incredibly patient in explaining things to me and makes sure I understand completely. As a start up solopreneur knowing that Sara is there to offer support and advice I know i can trust is absolutely invaluable.”

Auretha Callison
Visibility Expert &
Soul Styling

“Sara is a wonderful support to solopreneurs. As an Image Stylist, I really needed someone to care for the irritating details of my WordPress website. I am serious about working only in my area of my genius and delegating everything else. Sara freed me up from lots of worry and stress. I love her personality and her integrity. She’s easy to work with and helped me create some much-needed organization of tasks for my business success.”

Gillian Byers
Personal Trainer,
Mindfully Active

“Sara was very patient with my lack of knowledge about websites. Never once did I feel stupid. She kindly helped me with whatever question I had!”

Rev. Christina Ammerman
Spiritual Healer

“This was my first time hiring a VA, and I’m so glad that I chose Sara. She was very effective with Infusionsoft and timely, and great at leveraging resources to complete her work. I’m already planning the next project to hire her for.”

Alison Swerdloff
AIS Professional Services

“Sara Wagers is incredible! I hired her to assist me, and a client with creating her automated campaigns in Infusionsoft and Sara was able to handle it all quickly and efficiently. My client loved the completed campaigns. She is also using what Sara built, as a template, to create additional new campaigns!! I highly recommend her and would use Sara again in an instant.”

Nina Chaifetz
Licensed Clinical Social Worker & 
Certified Holistic Health Counselor

“It was a pleasure to work with Sara as she assisted me in creating my website. She is professional and excellent about sticking to deadlines and being punctual for appointments. Sara collaborated with me and offered many great suggestions. She was very patient in helping me create my vision just as I wanted. She also explained and simplified the technology aspects to me, which was so helpful. I felt I was in great hands and I am so happy with my site.I highly recommend working with Sara to help you with your business needs.”

Stefanina Campione
Career and Relationship Coaching/Counseling,
Coaching by the Numbers

“Sara was a blessing to me. I wanted to put together a webinar and had no clue how to go about it. Not only did Sara do a great job, she did it in a timely fashion and always made me feel comfortable with the process. She was always available for me to answer my questions and explain in a manner that I understood. She was always pleasant and easy to talk to. She exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Sara to whom ever need someone with her skills and talents. “

Winton Churchill
Barefoot Consultants, Inc.

“Great Infusionsoft resource and definitely will use again! Sara knows what she is doing and provides excellent strategy to use within Infusionsoft”

Lethia Owens

Personal Branding Expert-Speaker,
Author & Coach
Lethia Owens International, Inc.

Salenta Fox
Love Expert &

“Sara is a pivotal part of my business, without her help and expertise I would be stuck and frustrated. Sara takes care of all my online and technical work, and helping me with marketing campaigns and webinars. She is dependable, knowledgeable, and produces the work just how I want it. I have worked with other assistants before and Sara makes things easy, simple, she is available when I need her. As a coach my online marketing campaigns would be non existent without her help. I could not do this work without her. I have found it hard to work with other assistants in the past, Sara makes it enjoyable to work with someone long distance, and I am very grateful for all she does for me.”

Kelly Kingman
Creative Ignition &
Content Strategy,
Kelly Kingman Media

“Having Sara on my team was one of the best investments I made in my business. She’s detail oriented, professional and personable. She was the face of my business for many customers and she delivered fabulous customer service, all while helping me manage the back end of my products and programs. She’s an incredible asset to the online business owner.”

Wendy W. Garrido
Birth &
Parenting Coach,
One Amazing Mom

“Sara is the only person I trust to oversee projects that require a keen eye for design and strong attention to detail. She is a hard worker, dedicated to her clients, and has a positive attitude. She knows what her strengths are and knows when to delegate. If you’re looking for someone who can run your business better than you do, Sara’s your gal.”

Tanya Paluso
Chief Energy Officer of Tribal Truth

“Sara is awesome. She’s dedicated, trustworthy and reliable. I know I can count on her to work hard and communicate with me about anything that comes up. When we switched to Infusionsoft as our CRM, I was nervous that we would have a major learning curve, but Sara managed to train herself on the new software and we had a very smooth transition. She’s also fun and personable … doesn’t get any better than that!”

Beverly Vote
Founder &
Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

“I highly recommend Sara’s team. She was insightful and timely with all projects.”

Carrie Garber
Transformation Coach,
Deeper Waters Coaching

“As I was preparing to host my first ever telesummit, The Divine Entrepreneurial Diva Telesummit, I knew that it was very important for me to have a “Tech Goddess” joining me for each of my phone interviews. When I was looking for this type of assistance for a few remaining dates on my telesummit schedule, I was referred to Sara. And I was then quickly delighted with her prompt and helpful response! During our project together, she provided fabulous service with the primary tasks of recording the calls and facilitating the Q & A sessions.

I also want to highlight that I benefited greatly simply from Sara’s presence and energy on the line. It brought me such peace of mind to know that she was there to guide us if anything unexpected were to happen in the technical realm. As a result, I was able to focus my attention on being fully present and engaged for the interviews, thereby allowing for much more ease and flow. Sara’s support and encouragement in this regard was definitely invaluable.”

Dave Kaminski
Murrine Scene

“Sara is the best. She was the highest priced responder to my ad but she was well worth every penny! She helped me to be on task, on budget, and did a bunch of complex tasks I thought I’d definitely have to do myself. We’ll definitely be working more in the future. I wish I could keep her all to myself!”

Patty Thomma
Patty Thomma Associates Inc.
Deeper Waters Coaching

“I own a sales company representing four separate orthopedic device manufacturers and needed excel spreadsheets researched and organized for follow up and mailings. I contacted Sara and explained the task and she handled the work with efficiency, perfection and in an extremely timely manner. She kept me informed of her progress and sent me samples of the work as she moved forward to make sure we were on the same page.

This was the first time I had used a Virtual Assistant and I can recommend Sara highly. She is professional, experienced and presents herself in a very competent manner. I have already called Sara for a second job and will continue to use her in the future and recommend her to my associates.”

John Thomas
EcoSmart Homes

“Sara provided excellent support and service. She communicated clearly throughout the project and did exactly what she said she would do. She finished the Internet research and data entry project well ahead of schedule in an accurate and professional manner. I highly recommend Sara for any similar type of projects. I wouldn’t think twice about hiring her again.”

Lisa Cypers Kamen
Positive Psychology Coach

“Sara was great to work with, she was profession and had excellent communication. I originally hired her to help with Infusionsoft but she eventually managed things in my business so my time was freed up.

What I loved most about working with Sara was how knowledgeable she was. She set up many automated campaigns in Infusionsoft for my business as well as other things within Infusionsoft. I would definitely work with Sara again and highly recommend her.”

Laura Ribas
Marketing and Sales Expert

“Sara started working with me during my challenging transition to Infusionsoft and it was great to feel I had someone to count on and to hold my hand during the process. I felt as though she was truly a part of my team.

Applying systems to my business was another area I had wanted to work on for a long time. Sara identified what I needed, and helped me to make it possible and ensured it was a smooth process. She helped me with the automation of my business and helped me to train my team to be at the level of the new need of my company.

What I loved most about working with Sara was her communication. She always managed my expectations and was responsive to emails and communication. She’s in the US and I am in Spain so the communication was very important!

I would highly recommend Sara and her team. She is professional, focused, and offers solutions without any added drama! She works in an efficient and effective way that produces results. She is awesome!”

Jeni Hall, NTP
Founder and Creator of RESTART®

“I hired Sara to be my business manager several months ago. Since then she has been truly pivotal in helping me take my business to the next level. Sara jumped in and helped me with organization, team hiring and communication, coordinating and maintaining projects, outsourcing as needed, and helping me focus on forward-moving strategies – helping my business thrive and grow. She is also a great sounding board and gives excellent feedback and support. I am truly grateful to have Sara on my team.”