1) Do you currently have a Virtual Assistant or someone like that to help you get stuff done on a regular basis?

2) What do you find to be the biggest challenge in your business?

3) Do you currently have a strategy or goals in place for your business?

4) Do you have a standard operating procedures manual created for you business?

5) Do you have any systems or processes currently defined for your business?

6) Which describes your working style?

7) Do you find that you never get done what needs to get done? In other words you either have WAY too much on your plate, always have new ideas but never really see them implemented?

8) Have you EVER worked with a team or assistant before in your business?

9) Do you have trouble letting go and delegating to do’s?

10) What is your current level of annual sales?

11) Have you ever considered what type of team you need?

12) Do you have job descriptions written or at least a list of what you need help with?

13) Have you ever done a “brain dump” to get all the to do’s out of your head?

14) Out of the following what are the types of tasks you need help with?

15) What is your current budget for hiring support for your business?